describe your personal style.
what's your signature look?
jeans and tesha
what inspires you?
layering and black creative outfits
who is your fashion muse?
noot seear
favorite purchase of all time.
my blue fred perry.
biggest splurge?
no idea
what's your beauty routine?
aco's facewash,L300 moisturisng lotion,Body Shop's skinfocus eyecream,L300 bronzing something, Face eyeshadow,Face mascara.
what jewelery do you never take off?
before, a silver cross but i lost it, BUHU. sometimes a thin gold chain
what are you wishing for?
money and a new wardrobe...and clothes
what are your obsessions?      
my friends, hairpins,deo...and my lovely musk soap.

Postat av: LINA

sv: dom e från Bik bok , köpta lite innan jul :P

harre gött

2009-02-18 @ 13:38:36
URL: http://missinna.blogg.se/
Postat av: frida

fan va snygg blogg!

2009-02-18 @ 14:37:19
URL: http://svenssonfrida.blogg.se/
Postat av: Julia

tishan till vänster som det står : I was hungry, but mister puding got angry på, är ifrån ZARA

och skjortan är från Beyond retro :D

tack snygging!

2009-02-18 @ 14:52:18
URL: http://weestman.blogg.se/
Postat av: Emma

vilken fin bild!

2009-02-18 @ 17:23:57
URL: http://strangegirls.blogg.se/

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