1. Who are you?
elin, white female 15 (almost 16 !!)
2. What is your look?
simple, casual. mostly black and a few colures.
3. You like to shop at:
H&M,zara,aamweekday. cheap is the sh!t.
4. Current obsessions:
alexander wang, black jeans and transparent tee's.
5. On your iPod:
loads of kent, mando diao&shout out louds. I have a passion for swedish artists.
6. Style inspiration is:
people on the street, blogs and magazines.
7. City that inspires your style is: 
I love london and sthlm.
8. Your favorite piece in your closet: 
i dont rly like my closet. but my jacket and a pair of black jeans. 
9. Recent purchases include:
hmm...a worn out jeans vest from zara. lovely..!
10. You will never be seen wearing:
prob. like a really girly dress, not rly my cup of tea.
11. Your style icon is:
the twins olsen, noot sear...erin..but also fashionflash (karolin) she's totally awesome.
12. Can't live without:
music, water, candy.
13. If you can own any one thing where price doesn't matter, what would it be?
some awesome basic pieces, and tons of shoes.


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